About the Series

Ravens Flight Creative believes that no matter what the size of your city or town, you should have access to marque level performers and top-shelf entertainment. RFC Productions set out to bring names that you would normally have to see in big cities or large scale event venues, to bring them to a theatrical, intimate, personal setting in small to mid size cities that often get overlooked.

RFC Productions are all about creating the most unique, cutting edge, innovative and exciting entertainment possibilities. We are an independent event and production firm, working closely with the community to add extra value to the communities that people love; also working with local non-profits and other community organizations to give the best possible impact in the communities that the shows and events occur.

For more information on who is behind Ravens Flight Creative, and to find out about more of their projects, please look at our central site: ravflight.com

We look forward to seeing you at the next show!

“Owner Ryan Rogers and members of the Ravens Flight Creative crew, as well as our partners Hennepin Studios, with Andy Dick and Company from the May 18th show in Salem, Oregon”